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Sunday, September 25, 2005

I just can't win.

Onward to the poorhouse!

Why is it that when I have no time someone wants me to do something? And, when I have so much free time I end up doing nothing.

I learned the stupid way to never count my chickens before they hatch. A lapse in my common sense. My fault for being overly-anxious/overeager. Or, another fault of my desperation. The signs were there. The world has found another way to screw me over.

I blame my choices. But then, I have to live with them. Karma I guess(for those who believe). Hope for today.

What next?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


The World is flat. The world is small. You can never escape yourself.


Now with Viewables!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Nowhere Man

I forgot who said this line: "When you stare into the abyss, take note, that the abyss stares back at you."

Did I get it right?

Anyway, I've asked myself the question of what have I become. Right now I'm afraid of the answers I've given myself. The answers are mostly negative, I haven't achieved anything I wanted and I'm afraid of going nowhere (much like the song; he's a real nowhere man sitting in his nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans for nobody...)The whole wide world is at your command... But does it listen? Fate seems to have dealt me another loser in this year. When is my break coming? Do I have to so force myself to fit in?

I still believe that nothing is ever my fault, it is the world's fault to me, the universe owes me. Flawed logic. But circumstances make it true. Really, when is my break coming? 2005 is another awful year, much like 1999 and 2000, nothing ever goes my way. Nothing great on the horizon either.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Mince pie.

Random thoughts of self loathing from me to you. For and about our modern times. Some new, some cliche.

It feels like one of those days again, the days that feel like the day after new years or the day before one's birthday.
I need two extra years to feel my age.
I feel tired of getting angry.
They don't teach common sense in school.
Why didn't the generations before me make life simpler for the coming generations?
If there is a conspiracy to life I want in.
Working on my pace, taking things slowly, getting things right the first time so I don't have to do things over, haste make waste.
Ever feel like it's one of those days when your luck is about to run out?
Extraordinary people lace their shoes only once.(huh?)
Ever have one of those days where everybody seems to look alike?
Why are there no opportunities without trade-offs?
Change stil scares me, maybe I'm too sentimental.
When is My break coming?
Whoever said you that you make your on luck lied.
I watch the movies beause i enjoy other people's realities.
There is a difference between what is "real" and what is "true".
Nothing I do is ever my fault anymore, it is all the world's fault to me.
Who came up with all these rules on how we're supposed to live.
I seem to forget where I began.
Change should have progress for it to be acepted.
Life is customizable.

Just this for now. Learn. Enjoy. Agree. Disagree. Believe. Despise. Do the electric boogaloo.



Unfitting pants adventuring company journal.

So far...

We join our hero, generic human bard, still trapped by a malevolent curse in the bowels of Beigey-o city, the city of misery and dullness. A city most damned, like all the 9 Hells combined, with one extra special hell filled with novelty song writers. There is currently a plague of The Ugly going around in the city. This is evident due to all the ugly people who seem to look alike.

The deity of unending pain and torment has cast the die unfairly on our hero. He is stuck once again without coin or employ. Afraid to leave his safehold in the fear of catching The Ugly, and seeing the hordes of The Ugly. He wakes up wondering to find out what the day would hold for him.
He goes to see what is on the scrying tubes.

"Same old drivel. Far eastern moving big eyed small mouthed grotesques. Western moving pictures inspired by far eastern moving big eyed small mouthed grotesques, flying men, untalented box playing partially hairy monkeys. and the usual assortment of screaming idiots, whores and fools."

He grows weary of the scrying tubes.

"Now if I had myself a Discus viewing device mechanism and some viewing discus then I'd be just right."

The problem with this plan is that there are not enough Trading Trolls. many of the Trading Trolls have been wiped out by the rag wearing nomads of the sandy lands. And, most of the merchndise he seeks is worth a hefty amount of coin but is never available at the most vile cathedral of commerce and shoes.

Anyways still dismayed he decides to read the towncryer's journals, apparently there is a shortage of energy in the lands.

"Now if they only would figure out that it is common sense that is needed for the future not all these useless educations. They don't teach common sense in the academe. Too many people not enough resources isn't it obvious?And, those sport-utility beasts that many ride are called guzzlers not because of the sound the make. Stupidity is a right, most people just abuse the right is all."

He tells himself. Wondering when the next great wars would happen.

"When will these fools learn?"

Our hero takes a long bath, wastes his time with books,then looks out, sighs. he is lethargic.

"Today is not a day for adventuring, nor is this whole year."