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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Megatron! Megatron!

Now if someone has seen this, physically, please tell me ( I need to be a bigger outcast than i already am!). Or, even better, get me one! Get yourself one, you'll be a better person. Who cares about doctors, lawyers, or even the president! Point is they don't gots one of these them's nothing(not that most of them already are nothing, they just like to feel important by adding abbreviations before they're names) ! You can rub it in they're swelled heads and pie faces!

Still, Square Peg / Round Hole.

Everybody knows the secret handshake but me(so, does it go: shake, grasp,reverse shake, high five, wristgrab or, does high five come first, then handshake?) . The secret hanshake gets you better jobs, more income, a chance to be a productive member of society, and possibly 42 virgins. I must have been absent when they taught it.

It seems I can no longer relate (or maybe it was I could never relate) to most of "polite" society. I still am asking the question; "Why does everyone know what to do, how to act, what's going on? Everyone but me." This proven in my many attempts to fit in and be one of "them".

It is said almost all the time that it is "good" to "stand up for what you believe in". I tried, though, someone always pushes what they believe.

Why is there no grey, no middle, to what most people believe. Its always black and white, good or bad, as someone has told me.

People still use too much and believe in paper (if youve been reading you know what I mean).

Why are some people (I) cynical? I came up with this sometime ago philosophical(philosophical, not dogma, believe if you can/want) answer: Its because cynics know what cynics want, nothing more, nothing less for them.

Why me so sarcastic? Im trying to bring you to my level (i'm a jerk that way).


I'm gonna take some time off, need to re-think, re-do, everything in my current life.
I have to figure things out. Though not entirely sure what those things are at the moment. I haven't been myself (the one im used to) for a while.

I be Il-ling like Kim Jong!

(No roids: no angry, just crazy! Plus, added girth!)

Not gonna entirely reset the blog, just gonna edit it to make it more up to date with who I am at the moment. Cripes, what the hell was I thinking then? (this could be one of my future edits).

Also, if one has a band/musical group. When one goes solo is it required that the now solo performer get back-up dancers (ala Jimmy Ray) of some ethnicity?