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Friday, July 29, 2005

Good advice for free.

I just needed to say this:


For anyone who thinks I should live in reality, to hell with you.

There as many realities as there are people. I'm not living in the your reality cause your reality is cold, indifferent, not fun, and just plain stupid.


Does anyone know where I can get a Smashing Pumpkins: Siamese Dream(GD: looks like I'll be needing one after all)/Pisces Iscariot? In cassette. Not a big fan of digital, no precence, no analog noises.

Does anyone have any video game consoles(any kind working/not working/handhelds) , games (Original only CD/DVD/GBA/GBC/GB/SNES/NES/Genesis/Game gear) or accesories(Gamepads, memory devices) they would like to get rid of please contact me. Give away? Even better! Tell your freinds whoever may be reading, who know me.


Saturday, July 23, 2005

Shutting down

So You've Decided To Shut Down.

By: St. Jovic

Copyright 2005, Jovic. All reproductions and theft of ideas will be subject to me bringing the beatdown to you and yours.Unedited version. Somebody please be brave enough to be my publisher.

Dedicated to: those disenchanted, you know who you are.Hey, listen to They Might be Giants' "Memo to Human Resources"

"He helped me through house arrest!"-Pareng Erap
"I hate this guy. He is counter-productive to the movement"-J. Stalin
"Better than what I did in the bunker!"-A. Hitler
"My favorite reading material. When I'm alone in the shed I reach for this one!"-T. Kazcynski

You've completely lost the plot and are wondering aimlessly confused on what to do now. You may be one of the following:

The reality disenchanted, having a distate for the world.

One of Society's outcasts, misjudged for your unique qualities and skill set.

Or the one of many who live in a stupid country in a stupid town who went to school learned nothing and are just tired and angry.

Well, I have come up with some usefull advice for you out there, for your info-tainment.

Based on my experience and research, I have spent 2 years of my life out of circulation(after high school, now after leaving college, starting my third) in "polite"(word used very loosely) society. I have developed an ability to do "Productive Nothing".

I decided to write this guide (read this advice as a guide not a personal mantra) so as not to end up like so much degenerate filth. Also, to share my advice to others.

I have been frequently asked how do I do it, how do you keep going/survive for so long? What keeps you going? The answer is simple; I take my life in steps, I pace myself. A day at a time, this is how I believe life should be lived. Things have a way of taking care of themselves. there are no real problems. Desire is said to be the force that keeps us going, it is what keeps me going. Hope and desire to see change, to see things to an end (mmmm...cheesy!). As for wants and needs one requires patience and good judgement. I have been subject to some impulses,resulting mostly in regret. One must look into detail some things before giving in to wants and needs. I try not to think of EVERYTHING all of the time. Things that I don't need to let in my thoughts stay out of my thoughts. I don't let my desires consume me, you can always put wants away until they present themselves physically. In this case it helps to be prepared.



This was one of my solutions when I decided to shut down; To not go out of the house for months at a time(to be discussed in later chapters),house arrest(just like Pareng Erap) if you will. your solution may vary. other solutions on what to do with your time will be presented in other chapters(farming, travel, when it comes to me). But for now remember who's guiding who here? thats right, ME.

Things you will need to do:

1. Save up: For possible emergencies. And when "desires present themselves physically".
2. Get more sleep: you have a lot of time, use it. In this case sleep is productive, it rests the mind and body. It also makes forgetting useles things easier.
3. Clean up: Baths help you relax.Also possibly the only time you get to stretch. Clean and organize your space(Feng Shui, baby, but not that magical BS they sell, organize logically in order that you dont bump into things and the like).
4. Get a hobby: A real hobby. A hobby is a productive use of your time. Note Watching TV listening to the radio and reading a book are not hobbies at all (you numbnuts out there, cooking is a hobby, eating is not, unless you are mastering chewing technique) they are activities.Hobbies require skills and practice(like video games). Hobbies are things you do with your head and hands and require active participation.
5. Limit contacts: Limit contacts to those who really matter(in my case you know who you are, hear you me!). You are shutting down, right. people can still be freinds even if they don't talk/contact each other all the time. learn who are your real freinds and who are your acquaintances.

*more next chapter.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Not there, yet...

Halfway into this year nothing big has happened so far. I'm neither excited nor bored by anything. Still a parasite single. The hustle is good, though not enough(everything costs something.The Dalai Lama asks nothing in return for enlightenment, but, some genius thought of marketing his books for ridiculous prices!) . I still can't find anything I'd want to do, that can be done, considering my limitations in this stupid city. What an incredibly pointless year.

Things to help me get by:
If you have them, may I borrow them? If not, think of me during the holiday season.

Power tools.
Any book by the Dalai lama on life philosopy(...we are all driven by desire...).
Dilbert comics.
Who needs a job?( I'm alredy running a personal pawnshop, I can find you anything, get you anything. Sadly, I can't find/get anything for myself.) More hustles! ...dut dut dut dudut dudut du du...
Death to all who oppose me(or tweak me).
Actual release/ appearance of the second book of the inheritance trilogy; The Eldest.
Money(I'm out of the crisis! I'm into a new one!).
Numbers(I'm out of a hobby, till someone gets me new ones! Curse you Putol!)
Gameboy Advance Micro, any Nintendo console(Horoscope when I was 3: You're going to be stradled with a huge national debt, an innefective government, and Nintendo, you'll be hooked on Nintendo) .
Good music(Kings of Convenience, Pheonix, Smashing Pumpkins, J.E.W.).
A trip to the World Expo. Only to September? So sad.
To collect all the gold skulltulas and heart pieces.
Three wishes fulfilled.
World peace(But then isn't it war and pestilence that keeps human natural selection in check? So this is a maybe).
Armored trooper VOTOMs, all accesories(not quite through as I thought).

Greedy, greedy bastard!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hipster Doofus

Just wanted everyone to know.

If you watch Seinfeld, and know Kramer, that's where I'm headed.

Anyway, I haven't had much to say lately. I've been writing them down, making little notes of my observtions, and will have something more readable later.

For now:
It says in the Bible that "the meek will inherit the earth". People mistake the word meek for weak(...if you are familliar with my philosophy you know who the weak are...). Why do we have the weak in charge of everything? Might is right is definitely wrong. But, the weak being in charge, in control, is just wrong as well.