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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, sometimes corn? Keep in a cool dry place away from sunlight, like in the back of a mind.

"Fun size" candies are the least fun size.

A bit late but, whoever came up with the gift of Fruitcakes is a D-bag. If I needed something to sit at the back of a refrigerator that takes up space and would be a waste to throw out I'd store soap in there.

Grudges are like a botched tattoo. They're painful, ugly, and last almost forever. And, like a tattoo, getting rid of them involves more pain than getting rid of them.

Oh and by the way I'm talking about myself. I've said before I can keep a grudge forever, I know how, without them eating away.

By the time you reach your mid-20's it is impossible to meet new people you'd like.

Noone ever tells me what they're doing.

When people finally come around to do the things they want, they find out in the end that it wasnt worth it, and have probably screwed up somewhere.

Or someone else has screwed them over.

So people tell me I have no hobbies, other people build, create. I tell them, I collect what others build and create.

Which reminds me to remind the reader ; It's only a hobby if you get better at it. ie. Watching TV is not a hobby, unless someone tells me and proves that they are getting better at it.

BTW, this post also comes in fun size.