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Monday, March 14, 2011

So what.

Let me tell the world something:

There is no "social contract" that dictates that everyone has to follow a certain way of life that has agreed upon.

Call me crazy if I choose to live my life fulfilling plans,and trying to achieve goals that seem unusual for a person my age. Hey how many goals have you clowns set up that you've actually achieved?,

So what if I still haven't finished school(that place is so bizarre!),got a "standardized" job, gotten married,and had some kids?

How many douchers can say that they have enough time? How many can say that they've got what they really wanted out of their lives?

If the end goal of one's life is to just have a little dreamcrusher or moneypit junior DNA carrier(For crying out loud there's already too many people, as if there's a need to make more!),wow, then congratulations you are now part of the problem.