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Saturday, June 11, 2005


I have figured out why I've been stuck doing nothing for a while, why I can't get up and begin anything. I am lost, stuck, trapped and have totally lost the plot.

What the hell do I have left to keep me going? All ambition is crushed by living in this stupid country. I can't seem to find anything that I need or want.


Heres an update of things I've been hating lately(besides the constant everything and everyone) :

I Hate:

MTV VJs(the ladies look good but are, like, totally the males are just plain morons).
The misuse of computer animation(flash animation on TV? Non-Pixar animation movies, curse you Dreamworks!).
Flying Chinese movies.
Zhang Xiyi(Annoying, good thing she will never play anything else but the period peice flying Chinese).
The Chinese mainland.
Time Asia.
Marvel comics based movies.
That damn kid who is now starring in war of the worlds(Annoying!).
That people elsewhere on the planet can do what they want without academic paperwork(man, If was in India).
That Nobody gives value to proof.
Paperwork of any kind.
Local TV, Local TV trying to be foreign TV, Cartoon Network(Everything's damn anime now!)
Ashton Kutcher movies.
The availability of stuff in stores(especially that big store on the hill, that store is a one trick pony in a cheap trick circus.).
Books that cost money.
Local bands(Let's all try Emo now!).
Eurotrash dance music.
People who think that they're something/strong cause they belong to/have a group(Hey isn't that animal behaviour, like fish swimming in schools and ducks in "V" formation? And what' s with that lesson that they teach with breaking a single stick but when they put sticks together they cant be easily broken? The point is individualy they are all weak, not that we need togetherness, stupids!)

Thats it for now.
BTW, I am not just a stick, I am a redwood log!