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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Remembering 2007...

...But then I can't remember it clearly myself.

Last year,2006, I decided not to put in my year in review. It was a terrible year. Not much to say about it and I personally would not want to look back. So, I gave 2006 my F-you's and looked forward to 2007. That was 12 months ago, here we now are at the end. I'm still where I was when this year started.

No great triumphs of the human condition here. Only pocket victories. Jokingly, I'm still not part of "polite society" anyway.Also I said this once:"When you hit rock bottom they say there's no where to go but up. I say hang around the bottom for a while." And to that I add:"Looking around at the bottom theres no telling what you'd find, where you'd go, and what the people on top would drop."

Here's the rundown.

I decided not to write my year in review. The details of 2006 were dismal, trivial, stupid, and better off unsaid. Another year, what might hold, I ask? I try out for another job(I lost count on how many jobs I've already applied for.), another one of them call centers( I will do this quarterly since the place i went to does not seem to actually have the jobs they offered.)I wait. Nothing happens.As usual. Also:No roids=lower testosterone= - drive - energy +fat(or you could blame Korean food).

25. I feel old age come to me.Is this what it's like? Bitter, hollow? And is bitterness the feeling of mixed anger and frustration? Still confused, always confused.Confused with everything. Maybe this is why I like puzzles(jigsaw variety),everthing gets clearer when you put the whole picture together.Things will be clearer when I have more pieces.

Nothing much happenink. 300 came out."Madness?,this is Sparta!"."Madness? I am Jovic!". "Madness?____is____!".Did everybody(EVERYBODY!)watch this? This movie was soooo easy to get.It had Ninjas and everything, Daaaamn! Pretty much the stupidest movie I watched so far. I mean it, stupidest!Wait, the Queens name was Gorgo? Gorgooo!

Here I was waiting for the international release of Transformers. I had a stupid hangover from 300. It would come out in June. I think this was the "Summer of DS".It was summer and I borrowed a DS. Nothing much, oh, also didn't get the job this time(this was the second time they called me, I go there the place seems non-existent, im guessin these peoples job is just to interview, they get paid for it, and its all tehy do.). No cash flow. The boys are out of the city.

Learn to drive. Choke. Work abroad. Hezbollah happens.I wanna be a cowboy, Yeeha!The philosophies of the Book of Five Rings do not aply to my setting, I try The Prince. When you turn your life into strategy prepare for losses, oh so many losses.I think this is why College didn't go so well.

Still learning to drive(don't tell my folks). For the longest time, I've almost forgotten, then from nowhere someone is back in the picture(you know who). Why? Why don't I get the slutty ones? The problem with "good, nice" girls is that they want to fix you up. And you reluctantly agree. That's for the "Yous" out there, not me. "I" can get out,and no one can find me, I (still) don't have a cell phone. >:D Nyeah !

We go watch Transformers. Strange date movie for strange people. She's one o'them movie talkers. She proposes to go watch Die Hard 4 the next week, I decline. Did i dodge a bullet or miss my train? Someone tell me. Communications fall short after, no phone right? Her last words were get a phone. The boys where I "work" tell me, dont get a phone for the phone, get a camera and music player for the phone, good advice I dont take. I'm not sure if it happened this month but,ask me about dumptrucks if you have the time.

Notink much again. Got the SP album at the cost of a Starscream(I'm not that mature yet,don't think i ever will be, maybe just the "crisis", STARSCREAM!). Come on it was just an f-ing week! Then they ran out, dammit! I got paid, expecting the exchange rate to still be high, I ended up short, and got the album first.How was the SP comeback, you ask? Mediocre. I go to download my music instead.

"They" tried to get me to go to some reunion(...does it frighten you at how the people change*something something something*your so strange...). I didn't. I am reassured that,thankfully,I did not go. Im not ready to forgive and don't want to be forgiven(unless they mean it, in this case they don't).I avoided a whole shitstorm. Besides who are these people anyway.Pissed then,calmed down now(thanks for telling me that it was pure bullshit, I'm good)And yes, I am kind of important. Still nothing going on at that palce I applied to. September 19, talk like a pirate day.

One year after the geezer died. nobody really misses him(?), how cold,meh*shrugs*.I'm dead inside.I also,kind of,no longer need to go out, buy books,games music.Ha! take that consumerism! As I always say money is nothing it comes, it goes i need more time.Or if could just strech or compress time when I need/want that would be good too.

Xbox month. I cant remember anything else this month. I don't want to remember anything else this month(The fuck? Door to door mourners/anticarolling,Beowulf, Damn Gai Neilman, making a story of strength and glory to Brangelina: the movie).
I finish Halo and Halo 2(more of my "pocket victories"...I'll tell it to someone who cares), sadly I need a 360(bad)to finish the fight.

Carolling is not begging, it's extortion("we stop when you pay us to stop"and"lets eat the words so it's even more painfull).These people should learn to read. And the older ones?They dont know any better, can't they tell that they're just annoying? Oh how I wish I got that Red Ryder instead of... After Christmas, went on a trip with a good freind. Next year I also have to remember that December 5 is act like a ninja day(well celebrated this year though, unaware).

I add this year as another mediocre year. Pocket victories all around nothing lost nothing gained.Wait I lost a lot of time. Next year I want to go ,Amish, maybe?
I leave with: If faith doesn't work rely on luck. Time makes everything stupid.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Think about this.

Time can make everything stupid.