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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fruit Basket

More musings,an update of whats going on (or "what's the frequency?"). Also a gift for those sick and unsound of mind.

It seems that I can't learn to do things unless I know how things happen or whats going on with the stuff thats inside a/the box. Like driving. I mean, what's happening when gears are changing and stuff. I think I have a learning disability. I can't do anything unless I have a complete manual,with walkthrough, I build something myself, or something is explained to me step by step with visual aid (in a manner suggesting I was 10 years old).

I have recently come into the possesion of some expired jellybeans. Thinking that I would do an experiment as seen on the internets(Oh, youtubes, you amuse me with so much infotainment, yet i still hate 90% of whats on. Also, thanks for killing the TV comedy clip-show genre. Yay, no more AFV clones!). Anyways, the experiment called for gummi bears(damn, there goes my funny colored fire[ball] experiment, also try diet coke with mentos, it's old but imagine what you could do with it.). Anyways, I also gots a disposable camera(the film was expired so no pics, there go all my cat pics)and soon I will be making a stun-gun.

By the way could any freegans reading please tag me and explain the "expires" rule, the "best before" rule, and "consume by" rule. Which should i follow as not to be profoundly unwell? I have tried grayed pink salmon from a can, do I has parasites now?

This one is for all the lexicographers/geniuses: So, if one would put an object on top of another object this would be called "stacking", right? Now if one were to slide an object beside/into another object(horizontaly, imagine putting monobloc chairs on their backs and sliding another into it), what would you call this action? If you're so smart? Enlighten me I dont know what to call this myself (someone already sugested "volting"/"volting-in")

Where does all the money that countries pay as "debt" to the IMF go? And could someone tell me how and why countries borrow? I mean, can a country choose not to borrow from the IMF?Another one of the things I don't know how it works (someone explain this to me like I was 5, or preferably with a Goofy cartoon, or on an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba;possibly the sickest most creepy-assed kid's show on TV.)

Try crushing cookies into pancake batter sometime. I would reccomend sandwich cookies. Fun. Tasty.