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Thursday, January 31, 2008

May the Farce be With You, Always.

It had better be Yoda. *Fingers crossed* "I wanna be a master of the dark side,master of the dark side..."FORCE LIGHTNING!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Miracle Run

(Scenes and events are not verbatim and have been altered for literary purposes)

Do miracles happen? Do you believe in luck? Is there such a thing as fate? By some chance can a person's dire situation instantly change for the better?

It started with a call.

It was Dale.
“Do still have the card, the one with the diamond pattern?”
“I think so…I do!” I replied.
“Well we just won the hundred thousand prize!”
My heart pounded faster. I was skipping with excitement in my mind.
“I’ll meet you tomorrow.”

As soon as I put down the phone, I rushed to my room to secure the winning card. DAMN! To my surprise it was the wrong card! My spirits crashed (stupid, stupid).

Just when I thought that the world had finally stopped beating me up. I got played. The world just kicked me in the nuts. The world was just messing with me. It was laughing at me. So, what’s new?

Luck plays a tight game. I had forgotten that one has to play by luck’s rules (or how I understood these patterns of coincidence). Trust in luck, believe that it’s there, and believe that it happens, believe it exists. But never rely on it. In luck’s game there are always winners and losers. One can’t be a winner all the time. And yet many are losers all the time.


Dale shows up the next day. I break the awful news to him. Damn.(I have to say Dale does a good impression of Napoleon Dynamite going "idiot".)

Afterwards, we decide that this one in a million shot could never happen again. We decide to test our luck, to test the fates. To see if miracles can happen. We embark on our “miracle run”.

We go to try our chances in every convenience store (name not to be mentioned unless they pay me for the free advertisement) around the city. The objective simple: to get that winning card. I believe that both of us were not desperate for the money. Why did we do it? Were we insane? I believe what pushed us was just the thought that we could defy all the odds against us, to challenge all circumstances. To push our luck to the very edge.

We go to the first store. Nothing. The second. Still nothing(starting to lose hope to win). The third. Crap! I ask again, can miracles happen? We decide to go to the last store, on the outskirts of town, walking, at night. We get there. Was it fun? Yes, in some weird, quirky, illogical way. Did we learn anything? Not sure. We make our purchases. We get the cards. We open them. Did we win? Did the world finally let up? Were we dancing the Tango with Lady Luck? Has fate been defied? Did we finally get what we wanted, what we needed?


Monday, January 14, 2008

Not Saturday Night but Close/Bon Jovic Redux

Check your calendars! If you gots them blue and red ones with Lunar cycles check out when February 7th falls on. Also please double check it for me. So is this a sign for me?

Sing this tune to that Bon Jovi Song:"...I know it's lunar new year but someday i'll be saturday niiiight!..."

I *heart* coincidences.



More from last time:
Jaganiku/Nikujaga = Bistek
Gyudon = Bistek
Tekkadon = Kilawen

The song "Bleed it Out" by Linkin Park is about picking one's nose after a nosebleed. That's it. Period. No deeper meaning. Zero. Nil. It's all about the pleasure of picking dried blood boogers.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Restaurant guide.

I just remembered something stupid.

I went to Wendy's some time ago(sadly now closed), and ordered the triple classic. The cashier told me that they don't make the triple classic and reccomended I get the double classic instead.

Is it so difficult to add one more patty to a burger? So hard that they have to have special training or a possible licence to make the tripple classic?

Imagined Scenario: The cook, without prior training attempts to add another patty to the double classic. Resulting in the sandwich either expolding or melting.

Lost in Translation:

If you are unfamiliar on what to order when you go to a Local Japanese or Korean eatery, here's a short guide.

Ooooh! Sounds so exotic = Downgrade

Japanese:Tonkatsu = Local: Breaded porkchop
Japanese:Champuru = Local:Tortang ampalaya(with tokwa)
Japanese:Omuraisu = Local:Tortang sinangag
Japanese:Okonomiyaki = Local:Okoy(but mostly cabbage)
Korean: Samgyepsal = Local: Liempo(with salad)
Korean: Samgyetang = local:Arroz Caldo/Lugaw
Korean: Chap chae = Local:Sotanghon

Now, go and partake.

More later.