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Monday, January 07, 2008

Restaurant guide.

I just remembered something stupid.

I went to Wendy's some time ago(sadly now closed), and ordered the triple classic. The cashier told me that they don't make the triple classic and reccomended I get the double classic instead.

Is it so difficult to add one more patty to a burger? So hard that they have to have special training or a possible licence to make the tripple classic?

Imagined Scenario: The cook, without prior training attempts to add another patty to the double classic. Resulting in the sandwich either expolding or melting.

Lost in Translation:

If you are unfamiliar on what to order when you go to a Local Japanese or Korean eatery, here's a short guide.

Ooooh! Sounds so exotic = Downgrade

Japanese:Tonkatsu = Local: Breaded porkchop
Japanese:Champuru = Local:Tortang ampalaya(with tokwa)
Japanese:Omuraisu = Local:Tortang sinangag
Japanese:Okonomiyaki = Local:Okoy(but mostly cabbage)
Korean: Samgyepsal = Local: Liempo(with salad)
Korean: Samgyetang = local:Arroz Caldo/Lugaw
Korean: Chap chae = Local:Sotanghon

Now, go and partake.

More later.



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