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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On the nature of hero worship.

I wish that I could do what this guy does. But then if I did, it would demystify me. To see that what they do can be done by just about anyone. If I meet all the people I admire it would lessen my image of them. To see them so human.I am satisfied that there are some people out there inspiring us on what can be done beyond our limitations, people better than us in some way. People whom we wish to match or surpass. These people get to where they are I guess because their environments are much less restrictive, and the people around them much more open and tolerant. Also, through hard work, practice and time(most especially time).For now I am content to just watch, learn, practice and admire what they do,and, to never meet them.

Credit and to the BBC and whoever posted this on the YouTube for this video, if I didn't give them credit the BBC would beat me(Ouw...wick!).


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