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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rainy Day Musings

Ever recieve something that you really wanted? Do you ever feel that waiting for it was the best part, rather than recieving it? Does looking feel better than finding? Do you ever feel that what you got was not a good as you had imagined it? And, sometimes when you are sure of what you want and are ready to get it it's never there!

Why can't the world just wait for me to catch up?

Someone told me that I should get a Cellphone. Sure, I need one (these days it's like having an extra appendage, it's like brain space for things that you want to forget but don't really need). The thing is, I don't want one.

What's with all these bands in suits? It's not like they're going anywhere. Also look at these bands. You will notice that one of them never listens to the music the others are playing. Usually it's the bass player(he's jumping up and down even though the rest of the band is playing something soft) .

I feel sorry for those that spent money on an Interpol (and some other records by many of these suited bands) record (SUCKERS!). You know, you bought just one song? every song in the album seems to blend into each other song, its just one beat, they just change the words .

Why can't it just be a cold grey day. does it have to rain? "...Hanging around nothing to do but frown rainy days and Mondays always get me down..." Huh?

Pump with Flexmaster Funk not to be confused with Ride with Funkmaster Flex

Name that tune! :Does anybody know the name of this song or who the band was who sung this song, it had these lyrics: "...She comes on like a dream from the broad side of a memory but i left her fo someone I wanted more... "

In the music video they were driving grand prix cars in front of a blue screen, and it looked like racing toy cars.



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