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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bonus Features

I know I haven't come up with anything "good" for a while. This is because nothing much happens to me anymore. So here are some more mixed up thoughts so as to unload them from my mind.

Vikings/Gigantic shirtless warriors will be big in the following season."Madness?I am Beowulf" . Shouting ala 300 will feature big in these movies. Stupid 300.Ack! Beowulf! Kull sequel(?)!Possible Conan! Conan games! Viking games!Viking comics!

Gai Neilman.

There is noone black in the Black Donnelys.

That's it i will only be watching movie sequels only if they put the words "The Revenge" on the title.

So is the rule that if one makes a movie out of a TV show one has to make a rap soundtrack remake of the theme song or include a rap soundrack at least? Checkout miami vice, SWAT, wild wild west?

Waiting to watch I am Legend. Watch Will Smith battle mutants! He's fought aliens(ID4,MIB), robots, giant spider robots,drug runners,as Ali,poverty.Is there anything Will Smith hasn't fought yet? Fighting mutants as the last man on earth, the true Pursuit of Happyness/Pusuit of Happyness: The Revenge(see how good it reads at the end of the title?).

Real smart: Packaging a DVD writer with no software,then making third party software incompatible. Fuck you again Sony!

Get what you want as soon as you see it cause the 5 year period in which things stay on shelves has been reduced to a week(curse you starscream!)

I should be one of them profilers. I guess so many things ,about people I don't know, correctly by just basing it on their belongings. I will now correctly guess that the previous owner of of the xbox i borrowed, based on the games he got and the music that's in it, is an idiot. Cueshe? All the guy's savegames tell me the guy is a wuss, he plays on easy. Again, cueshe? WHATTHEFUCK! Glenn, come over here we gots some deleting to do let's make this box yours.

Later, off to finish Halo in Heroic, or at least Normal.BTW the Halo 2 is busted, and Half Life(don't gots it but guessing)/ NFS Carbon runs better on PC.

PS: Forgot the name of the singer, that one guy who sang "on a high"? he had this hair? Sheiek was his last name, was it Robert?

...Baby i can't see the daylight, I'm busy playing Half Life...


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