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Friday, December 15, 2006

Wait, progress is on the way.

More crap while waiting for more crap/old man style rantings:

What's with this season , and what's the deal with making noise? How much fun is it anyway? Kids are begging for money by making noise they refer to as "karoling", then the next day they buy firecrackers and make more noise. My consolation is the noise i hear when some stupid kid blows up their hand, or face.

There is no one black in my chemical romance's black parade. They should call it the dumbass 'tard parade.

still having problems with the blog just switched to the new service recently.

in life still waiting for stuff to happen to me being "proactive"(is this the right word?) just doesn't work for me.

Again, I called it first! : if you have wowow (i miss it) please watch that Tokyo tribe 2 show.
And, someone tell that sonofabitch who made "beerkada" to stop watching tokyo eye, we all know where you get your ideas you sonofabitch!

herbs for sale, also waiting for progress or the herbs to grow. also i've got peppers.

fiiiiiiiish get!

emulator will work in fullscreen someday, wait.

I still hate non-pixar CG animation.



i will be replacing the tagboard soon. sorry for the inconvenience.

also i call dibs in saying that parkour will be widespread soon.

eragon movie seems to have ripped of panzer dragoon saga, even the settings are the same.

no new ideas at the time.

maybe later,


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fiiiish, GET!

I'm a man now!

Using the regular lure I caught the loach! Now I can finally go home!