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Monday, November 16, 2009


Some are sweet, some are sour. In various colors. Never enough. And ,also,you and I haven't had some for a while.


It's finally cold when i'ts supposed to be cold.

There is a time for everything.

Grow up when you're supposed to, when you need to. When you don't have to, don't. If it feels wrong don't. And never if and when someone tells you.

Doesn't it feel so much better when you live without trying to impress anyone.

When told/asked by someone who thinks they're important; "What are you going to do when I die?" Reply: "I'm going to keep living."

Corned tuna. Share your opinions?
Mine; one of the more messed up/funny(obviously a bi product of tuna canning, Im guessing its the stuff that sinks to the bottom of some possible "tuna processing vat") things I've encountered. I admire its versatility though.

I also like them Nips chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

Some sour ones right here.

The whole point to get cable is to watch non-local, premium channels. I'm rubbing my eyes at what a 2-bit operation ABS-CBN inc is.

I dont get this whole "Voting" thing. Some people say if you have no one one to choose choose the lesser evil. Those people also say "better the devil you know". These people are fucking stupid. Why choose one evil over another? That is just plain dumb. Wouldn't you rather choose good? When "good" comes along count on my vote. Now if evil is elected (once again!) I know to blame all these ako mismo clowns.

I'll make my own dogtags they will be blue and say 'kaw na lang, with a nice cow picture. Mmmm, beef!

In the news its always China business this and that. Doesn't anybody notice that the Chinese regime is based on greed? By now they can hook up cables to Mao's grave for free energy, since he's probably spinning at an astounding rate.

Everybody seems to be Japanese-ing it. Movies, ads, stuff. Now really if I see maid cafes or butler bars localy my head will explode.
So now it's okay to dress like weirdos now that its called cosplay?

That's it I'm out of little somethings to share.