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Friday, August 05, 2005

Stir Crazy

I finally, completely understand what they mean by going stir crazy. I haven't been out for fun in a while, the last time I went out was on a bill run. What is there to do in this stupid city? Watching TV gets annoying and repetitive (Radio? who listens to the radio for music anymore? Plus, the TV schedules are fucked once again!) and the internet is nothing new and surprising (Please, I've been threatened before, this time is no different, I can't be caught.).

So much for time off.

I've been learning how to write better. My punctuation skills need to be improved. And, I have had no good ideas lately. I need feedback for my/these ideas. The blues have been lifting though, hence, the reason for the delay in my self-help "how to shut down"(But fear not reader it is not cancelled!). I won't be "work" working for a while, but then I have some side projects (Got consoles, games, anyone?)

There is nothing left for me to find in this stupid city. Maybe I should narrow my expectations. The weather is just fucking stupid. I'll be indoors if you need me.