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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Energy Drink Roundup

My critque on almost all the energy drinks out there.

Red Bull - My standard.Regular Taurine taste. Works. Low crash incedence.
Lipovitan - Regular Taurine taste. Works. Low crash incedence.
Shark - Regular Taurine taste. Works, but not well. Low crash incedence.
Extra Joss - Gross, pinapple-y taste. Comes in powder form (What, I have to work for it?) Try with Vodka. Sugar crash and headache the next day.
Cobra - Like Extra Joss, only water already added. Doesn't work.
Explode - Get the cola flavor the other Flavors are just gross. Lemon tastes like the smell of dishwashing liquid, and orange is like flat Mirinda. It works though. but two bottles a day will leave you restless and unable to sleep.
Bacchus F - Regular Taurine taste. Works. Low crash incedence. Fizzy.
Sting - Like drinking candy. Taurine taste. Works. Restless afterwards.
Barako Bull - A more standable Cobra, still goss though. Works.

Sunday, February 21, 2010