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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


O.K. Finally got my energy back after a string of failed employment attempts, and the report of my diminishing health (I believe I am now part of the living dead).

I have this new idea currently in the works; What about self employment? I'm planning to put up a shop. Can't really be specific though, since I'm posting on the internet I can't tell how many people might steal my idea, if you want "in" talk to me personally. I still dont have the complete resources to get fully started up, maybe you can help, dear readers of this blog, who know me and want to help. Not counting my chickens before they hatch anymore, im going to force incubate them and make sure/force them to hatch!


Maybe the reason nobody listens is because you don't say what you want or mean in the first place?

They never tell you that you can be self-employed after school do they?

I promise I'll have something more fun/creative next time. I'm at a lack of ideas since I'm focusing on this current one.