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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Not there, yet...

Halfway into this year nothing big has happened so far. I'm neither excited nor bored by anything. Still a parasite single. The hustle is good, though not enough(everything costs something.The Dalai Lama asks nothing in return for enlightenment, but, some genius thought of marketing his books for ridiculous prices!) . I still can't find anything I'd want to do, that can be done, considering my limitations in this stupid city. What an incredibly pointless year.

Things to help me get by:
If you have them, may I borrow them? If not, think of me during the holiday season.

Power tools.
Any book by the Dalai lama on life philosopy(...we are all driven by desire...).
Dilbert comics.
Who needs a job?( I'm alredy running a personal pawnshop, I can find you anything, get you anything. Sadly, I can't find/get anything for myself.) More hustles! ...dut dut dut dudut dudut du du...
Death to all who oppose me(or tweak me).
Actual release/ appearance of the second book of the inheritance trilogy; The Eldest.
Money(I'm out of the crisis! I'm into a new one!).
Numbers(I'm out of a hobby, till someone gets me new ones! Curse you Putol!)
Gameboy Advance Micro, any Nintendo console(Horoscope when I was 3: You're going to be stradled with a huge national debt, an innefective government, and Nintendo, you'll be hooked on Nintendo) .
Good music(Kings of Convenience, Pheonix, Smashing Pumpkins, J.E.W.).
A trip to the World Expo. Only to September? So sad.
To collect all the gold skulltulas and heart pieces.
Three wishes fulfilled.
World peace(But then isn't it war and pestilence that keeps human natural selection in check? So this is a maybe).
Armored trooper VOTOMs, all accesories(not quite through as I thought).

Greedy, greedy bastard!


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