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Thursday, April 14, 2005


Getting a job is impossible. Does anyone know of of a job placement agency out there that hires out loners and people who finish other people's sentences (things recently brought to my attention, it's always fun to learn about one's self)? I never did call myself a loner, not once. Introverted? Yes, but loner thats new. I should learn to talk in line by the way.

Please help keep my time occupied. Does anyone out there have power tools I could borrow? I'm just waiting for this tutorial gig that's taking too long. Haven't been out in a while. Mmm... Cabin fever!

I have once again proved that most(many) people are only good in two things: No good and good-for-nothing.

My health is back to normal. I may have gained weight. But I don't seem to lack any energy anymore. I'm back to sleeping right. I feel rested. I just feel great. Ah, the benefits of not doing much anything!

Also, has anyone seen the movie 28 Days Later, nice. Shuts up those horrible Japanese horror flicks. Whih reminds me why is there always so much water in these flicks. And, I also hate US remakes of these.

Actress: "The movie based on the Japanese Ring-gu"

Stupid actress. "Ring" is just pronounced "Ring-gu" in Japanese. I just hate these US "Lip-offs". I want Taxi with the crazy Frenchmans better! It's about the car, stupids!

Try the deep dish pizza at Sbarro's. It's worth the price.

According to the Bible code, Nostradamus, the Mayan calendar, and, ancient Egyptian prophecies, we have 7 years left before the world consumes itself. Nice.

Everything still needs paper. Proof of anything also needs paper, ie: Credit=money, Ownership=warranty/titles, just some examples, figure out the rest. Tell me.

Clearasil does not work.

"There will be an adding of sums and a snapping of necks and you can count yourselves among the damned!"


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