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Friday, March 04, 2005


Anger really does consume/waste energy. I am so tired of being angry. Really. If only people around me would realize it. But, their lack of charachter seems to be the reason why they can't feel. I really have to get out of this place. Out of this life, at the moment. Give me time. I really want to close this whole chapter.

Mooch: "We all live in a throwaway society."
Earl: "Where did you learn that?"
Mooch: "In a book I a trash can."

Why do we live in a society run on paper? Certificates, diplomas, bio-data sheets (BTW,work places accept these more often than personally typed bio-data-resumes. It's just more convenient for the employer, so I've learned.) , licences, clearances, money? It's just ridiculous. Why can't people judge on abilities and worth? Why do we have to have some piece of paper to prove our worth for us?

Check out:, for that timebanking thing that I talk about. If time is really money, I've already made millions, I have nothing but time now people.

Panagbenga sucks. It makes me angry. It wastes my energy. Please, someone, tell all the people out there, especially the bands, that they're not cool.


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