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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Life still sucks.

I was just thinking that the first person to have ever said "life sucks" must have been the wisest person in the world. "Life sucks" is the most universal statement there is. "Life sucks" is a univrsal truth. It applies to any race, religion, creed, background and people.

The concept of "Age" is a myth. Why cant a 23 year old act like a 17 year old? And, why can't a 23 year old feel 50? The general concept of maturity to the layman seems to be; "To live one's life as rationally and boring as possible."

Contempaltions on,"Its a wonderful life".

My situation right now asks the same questions from the movie; What if I was never born? How would people's lives be any different if I wasn't born? Also, I if I died what would change, and, if I continue my life what differnce would it make?

I just have always had the feeling that I was born in the wrong place and time. This country sucks.


I've been trying to get a job. Just have the problem of where, and how, at the moment. Seems like I'll have to bounce from one minimum wage, nothing job to the next, for the meantime. I've been thinking that I'd rather be running a scam or hustle rather than a J.O.B. job. If I just get a job in a kitchen somewhere it would be great. I have a lot of free time now to think of writing. And also I have a lot of free time for odd jobs, for money, of course. I can move furniture, arrange your closet, or deliver mail. Someone out there please contact me. (I really, really need to learn how to get into that poffesional organizing scam! Or Feng shui! I already am O.C. so these should be easy!)

Man, life sucks.


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