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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Common sense/ Non sense

It is common sense to avoid the things we hate.
It is common sense to rest when tired.

It may have been wrong for me to quit school, but, I have my reasons. When you see me let me explain and elaborate.

I thought that when I went back to school things would be different. I go everyday six times a week, at the given times, come home, do assignments, and not have to put up with the personal crap of teachers who want me to be the next them(eh? confusing?).

In the past four days I have felt more rested than I have ever been, ever since I went back to school on that damned January of 2001. I thought that I would be able to make a brand new start. I began this semester where I left off in high school instead.

I really liked the "Erap years"and the years before/ since 1994 . Nothing good happened, nothing bad happened, those years were very "eh"(hand palm down making wave motions). But cool.

I am rested but with nothing to do. Having fun reading an old e-mail I got when I first quit school. I was more relaxed then? She has a very good explanation of what a teacher is. I really need to talk to her, sometime. My, how we've grown.

Why is there so much paper work to be done when im just going for life/directional/properly adjusted young adult counseling? "Got a problem? Fill this form come back tomorrow, wait for someone, he'll sign the form, after you've had your parents sign the form, not a minor take the form to...Ah, fuck it, I'll come back tommorow."

Ah, the 'rents have finally given up trying to push theyre reality on me. What do they care? I don't believe they see any potential in me anyway. And, how much is a mass communications degree worth to fall back on?Why didn't they say go to UB and take HRM in the first place? Why was it that they told me that I can't really cook(Sidenote:It took a lot of practice since the time of the void to know what I know now, I sure shame them everytime I cook. I was watching cooking shows ever since Frugal Gourmet on FEN thank-you-very-much. Now when I watch cooking shows I hear the bigger asshole 'rent say, "salt ,pepper, soy,simple, ayos na, hindi na kailangan ng ibang nilalagay-lagay diyan, ano ka bumbay? At least Indians know what flavor is, you dumb fuck, that's why you will never hear this ouside the damn Philippines: "Lets go to the Filipino retaurant, I hear its a cornucopia of flavor!" )? By the way someone tell me who's reality is the reality we're living in anyway(more eh? confusing? try to imagine me talking while reading this.) In this country I conclude people don't ask questions. No one has ever bothered to think; " to each his/her own version of reality." I know, by the way, what is physically possible. But my reality is not the reality of everyone else who have a shared version of reality that they believe is the infallible incorruptible truth!
(People who talk to me at night would get what I mean. )

Afterthought: Why don't we have carpentry guilds in this fucking country? No wonder nobody has the title Master carpenter. So goes for metalworking. Why cant I find carpentry in the yellow pages? Why do people still never give respect to craftsmanship. One may not be good with books but one can be skilled with their hands. Why? Possible dialogue from idiots: "Panno siya naging chef? wala naman siyang HRM diploma." More possible idiot dialogue: "Master carpenter? hindi naman kailangan nang test ang mga carpentero?"
( This is why I write in English, it's more expressive.)



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