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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Onward, so far...

Finally had my lasagna last Saturday, still not hearing any new wave on the radio. Tradition is dead.

Quoting =W=:"...Shivering in the cold I'm bitter and alone".No female callers for me. Again quoting =W=: "... G-damn you half-Japanese girls do it to me every time". I read Noemi passed the physical therapists licensure, a couple of years ago, I regret my stupidity not to go further. Joi used to greet me during this season until 2000, I still don't know why I miss her, yes I miss her company and all, yes I really miss her (Jibee, my answer is C; "fuck what happened before", this is my final answer. Nobody could really get along with her easily though, so I hear) but... My stalker stopped calling... Pictures make me remember stuff ( BTW did anybody see th HP commercial with the people passing frames or something? Who did the music? Nice)... Whatever happened to Church girl, really? Alone.

...Does it frighten you at how the people change, does it make you happy you're so strange...

New year is dead to me. I still have the strange aftermath days though.

New random thoughts:

Glenn, I figured out the Jovic factor, I think. Notice that the chicks dig me(choke, choke) when I'm all complex (to me it's just being a mess), quiet and mysterious, like Clint Eastwood in The good(you), the bad (me) and the ugly (all the pangets). And they seem to not like me when I open my mouth ( you know, everybody gets hurt, I should shut up more this year).
Now I know the reason I'm so pissed, it's been staring me in the face; it's the 'roids! The 'roids! (also the reason for my strange(you know the area, higher dumbass,the hairy part, get it now?) physical condition
Who the fuck still keeps Charmed on TV.

Looking forward to getting some of that Plasma Blue Energy and riding my grasshopper themed motorbike! Panget breaker fist! Panget smasher kick!


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