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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Looking back.

2004 was a bitch.

2004 was such a screwover (not entiely my fault!) A new year is coming up. Another chance for me to start over (cue John Lennon's "Starting Over"... it'll be like starting over...starting oveeer...) 2005 I hope it starts out right (23rd time's the charm, right?). Must find someone to hug, lose weight, loose mass, get new working organs, fix teeth. Also, 96 year old zombies must die, some people must vanish off th face of the Earth and i win the lotto. I'd better start next year.

What went on:

-Lost interest in the "Church girl"(formerly the Stunning girl). Turns out she's really boring (my opinion).
-Second week of school someone gets my a very special hello. Courtesy of my right hook (this happens every year, people just don't learn). Got so many people angry, nothing new, really.
-More damn school. Why did I go back? Later in the year i will realize that I'm doing what I'm supposed to do, not what I was meant to do.
-Missing some movies (when the hell was Lost in Translation coming?)
-Saw last part of Lord of the Rings, intense. ("Orlando!" The person behind me, not me, I swear!)

-22nd year aaagh! Old, old! Proving once again that somebody feds me everytime it's my birthday. Thanks for the siomai, buddy.
-So begins my love for emulation and addiction to mothballs and cardboard.
-Prozac goodness.
-It's a short month, nothing much else happened.

-The numbers start to not work so good.
-Saw the entire Daft Punk video, Interstella 5555, excellent. Quit the whole day of school in anticipation. Need to see it, (cue music) one more time!
-Finally saw Lost in Translation. Ahhh Scarlett, ahhh Bill (?). Eh? on the ending.
-To all the lonelyhearts out there: If the one you want will do you for money, refuse! It is not worth it! I learned the hard way, and felt guilty, sick and nauseas afterwards. See what happens to people without prolonged exposure to my warmness? You will be happier with the money. Experience can wait, believe you me!
-Number usage paranoia.

-Happy 19th, you know who you are. Was this when we watched Gangs of New York and realized that it wasn't a Black Thaing? -Saw Blow, I knew he was cool ever since 21 Jumpstreet.
-Missed Catch Me if You Can, I think, or was it last year.

-Cant remember, Move on.

-If I knew I was going to fail one subject I shouldn't have gone back. People need to see my work.

-Hated it.

-Laser video closes. 7/11/04. Sad day in Baguio geek history. I've been going to this store since I was 10. Mid-age crisis over, I lost my drive completely. CURSE YOU BIG BUSINESS! The Man always tramples on the little guy.

-Failed a class, I didn't really fail as much as it was the teacher that failed me, the son of a bitch.
-Learning korean (kind of)
-Strangely watching more Kim Possible and As Told by Ginger (someone said that when I'm with someone it's like I'm with Hoodsy)
-I remember... on the monkeys... Regret.
-Oy, happy birthday hansam boy!

-I really hate school.
-Piracy is nice, they should get "Futures"

-Social work gives head lice.
-Lighter note sleep is fun. We, yes we, move closer tubby, should try this again.
-I hate a lot of people. "Volcano" son of a bitch included.
-Listening to Everlast, "Were all gonna die".
-Blind date. I'm not a playa. Why is it always good girls?

-Tried to fight The Man, no result, yet. Something should happen.
-Read my medical records, fun!
-Saw someone I knew (single mom last I knew her), she's married now? Unable to make a kid? It's the guy I tell her. Didnt really tell her. Surrogate/donor anyone?Anyone?
-Ah, finally, a break. Time to contemplate and reflect. Blogging is nice therapy I agree.
-Lower middle class and broke. I really need a job.
-Tsunami in the news. The son's of bitches in Aceh Indonesia deserved it.

Here's hoping for the year ahead:
Gotta make my peace with God, and the universe, and Joi (...If you're listening, sing it back... Keep me sane, grounded) track down the son of a bitch responsible for spyware, find US Minish Cap ROM, finish it with all heart containers (I always miss one), learn alchemy to turn useless books to Complete Collected Peanuts (all volumes, methinks 20+ books hardbound)or actually find it, get Elder the continuation to Eragon, read Narnia series move to Ambani owned Hyderabad India, or Sweden, join the Legion, complete my music collection, get a new PC, my granduncle's GT (in good condition 8 cylinders! power! I need a new hobby!), find my soulmate (I am convinced it's the girl in the personals), learn a new language, defeat Hiroyuki Sakai (invincible!) in a pasta battle,and a lot more that I haven't remembered yet. Oh yeah, not die yet.


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