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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Going up the down escalator.

People say that my problems are there because I don't go with the flow.


Anyway happy holidays to everyone, if you have reason to celebrate. Another new year in 8 days time to look back and see how much time i've wasted. Someone is so right I'm wasting my potential in school, I could have been something that I wanted if I was just in the right country.

Damn I hate this time of year, bastards asking for change who wont leave until you decide that you're so sick of their songs. And they call it carolling? I really hate the older bastards who do this, they're even harder to get rid of. Aren't they old enough to know that they're just annoying people?

Once again I'm broke for the holidays. My vacation starts on the 23rd (Is this not a bitch?!) I can't believe I have to actually pay for books in stores (people use money to buy things now? Preposterous!). Enlightenment doesn't come free in this country (...At 10 I shaved my head and tried to be a monk....).

Things I would want right now are not all material things, I would just want that all the people I don't like would freeze in their sleep. I know cursing people is "bad karma" put some people really, really deserve it, and as if my karma wasn't already screwed. Dammit, the universe owes me!

If anyone could give a complete set of Jimmy eat world CDs Weezer CDs the Smashing pumpkins (Machina 2 why so hard to find?) and a DVD palyer, a muscle car, and a PC that can run Half life 2, all that plus to get out of the house (I really need to move out, they have a term for me in Korea, I'm known as a Parasite single, damn, I need a job too.), now if someone gave me all this plus a new house, then I'd be set. There's a lot more that I'd want I just need to remember them first. (GREEDY, GREEDY!!! I, I, I!!! ME ME ME!!!) Once again I would like to say the universe owes me.

Ah, short-term goals.


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