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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

For those who came in late...

Finally got the tagboard working last night. (Glenn, we should have checked the internet settings.)

Existential crisis? What is this that Mr. Jovic is talking about?

Just something I've been going through the past few years, ever since I got back in school (school again! when the hell will I not have to think about this!). Here's the lowdown:

Type A: Who am I? What am I doing here? What will I do tommorow? Where is the bitch with my money?
Type B: What others think of me, and do I really care?
Type C: Aloneness, not loneliness. (There is a difference. It's like the difference of warm specialness and special warmness)

Someone said that I just have Holiday depression syndrome (...when the air is colder people tend to blah blah blah...).

So this is what depression feels like. Strange cause I don't usually get depressed, pissed and sad at separate times, but never at the same time.

Unrelated note: When is Rokusaburo gonna fight that Kandagawa charachter? More exciting than wrestling! More real than reality!

Is TV patrol world touting itself as the first "reality based" news show?

When will Filipino TV ever rip-off Bollywood, they've already ripped of superhero crap off Indian TV (Go Shaktiman, you crazy Nazi SOB!)


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