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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Get off my lawn!

Kids today are just stupid.

What's with all these kids in Che (or any other damn revolutionary) t-shirts these days? I'm pretty damn sure Che or Lenin did not skateboard or listen to Marley. These kids look non-conformist in a conformist kind of way. Che definitely did not stand for freedom of choice, the fucking commie.

What's with all the whining and screaming in music these days? What the fuck are they saying? Who the fuck still thinks that it's cool? Who in the first place? Who is the son of a bitch that took away the roll from rock and roll? I am so going to choke these sons of bitches.

Why do the kids think that the hang loose hand sign means cellphone? And, when you shake the hang loose sign it means that the phone is ringing.

Stupid, just plain fucking stupid.


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