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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Zorak, hand me my People Fencer.

The 25th is over. I hope no more filthy bastards show up by my door (childkicker). Whatever happened to carolling for the holiday spirit? All these sons of bitches want is money now. The older ones should be aware that they're just annoying people inside the homes (hey, homes!).

Lighter note: Seen Spirited Away, again, Chistmas eve, 13:50 CAT beautiful, it is not a cheap factory cartoon.

Other goings on:

The Phrenology of Panget. Did you know you could always tell a chump simply by looking at them it's simple. Most people under 5 feet (rare cases include some over 5 feet, rare) , round heads (I bet with a lot of odd bumps), cropped gelled hair (cropped unlike yours truly),weak jawline, acne, round body build. Also, they may be wearing the following clothing combo: Sports jacket (the louder the color the bigger the chump), button down shirt under jacket. Jeans with loafers combo (No offense to people who just like loafers), flinchy, especially flinchy when fist is thrust centimeters within face.

Does anybody know where to get a copy of How to Practise, by the Dalai Lama or Eats shoots and leaves? Very much interested in these books, one for reading the latter for writing.


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