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Friday, December 31, 2004


New years eve wasn't so great. I am so tired. I'm always a mess this time of year. It's one of the days I dread and anticipate at the same time. What is with most people? I think my holiday spirit is dead. It's just like any other day to me now just noisier. No lasagna last night? Something is definitely going wrong. If you cant tell (most people usually can't unless I tell them) I'm in one of those somber, melancholy, ain't-stuff-funny moods right now.

Appologies: I would like to appologize to people I've hurt in the past. Emotionally, physically or otherwise. No appologies though to some since they don't deserve it. I appologize for my spelling.

Resolutions: I think I'll just continue what I'm doing now. haven't had a coffee since February 2002, really, not even anything coffee flavored. Will continue this. Will not change attitude. My attitude is a matter of opinion really, depends on who I'm with at the moment and to the people who know me. I'll see what I need to change as it comes along. Will try slowly to eliminate meat from the diet. This reminds me I would rather now have a Bailey's and cake party rather than a juvenile "inuman".

What lies ahead this new year: The usual. Life is pain. I hate school, I hate this, I hate that. I may hurt somebody. I have to find a road to enlightenment. Hell, I can't tell right now. I want to keep optimistic, or at least try. More movies with Scarlett and Bill (In good company, The life aquatic, I so loved Scarlett in Ghost World even though she just played a small role, Wes Anderson is Such a good writer and director, reminds me; people out there go watch Rushmore, then tell me where you got it I wanna atch it again myself, I just saw it through cable and they won't repeat it ), Batman, I still preffer well scripted stuff compared to reality. My life is way to consumed in watching movies now. Still trying to figure out the human condition.

Unrelated note: Hey, did anybody catch Equilibrium? Bad story, great choreography, forget all the kung fu bullshit in Matrix (impossible!), give me "gun-kata"(uh, this is the Japanese genre for the movie, also, it was mentioned in the film) anyday!

Things forgotten remembered: The hookups,buddy? Or do you mean the hang-ups? Hence the "sleep is fun", tubby=me.She is so cool and hot (warm!). Lukewarm is like Church girl, like plain oatmeal, boring, but thats just the way she is, at least nothing bothers her. Gah. How do people catch The Gay, is it contagious? I know someone who realized he had it overnight. Well, live your life the way you want to. I'm still homophobic. Takoyaki was a great discovery. So was blogging (I keep telling the kids; blogging they ask? Well, its like kikiam only spicier!). I will still come up with a guide to food in stalls, still checking out the stalls. Oh yeah, I learned how to use a semicolon properly.

It' been a long time since I polished my Stealth Harrier, gonna go bomb Iraq now. Check out the Onion. All those clandestine missions? That was me. Hmm... Didn't notice the sun come up, getting less somber by the minute.


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