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Sunday, January 16, 2005

More drifting

I haven't been officialy (school don't count as "going out" I hate it sooo much!) out of the hovel for weeks. Methinks I have developed mild autism or schizophrenia. The crazy is all the same no matter what you call it. I have the crazy,period. Been contemplating life too much. So if everyone out there is crazy, and I'm the only sane person, that makes me crazy to them, right? So I say I may have mild autism cause I can't understand non verbal cues and "the language of the eyes." So Is my name what I call myself or is it who I am? It depends I view my personality as a chewed up "mentos", not hard outside, not soft inside, but mixed up hard and soft bits. Switch off JV(relaxed,easygoing,fun loving)then you get Jovic (stoic,hard,direct,tough: he's the guy everyone seems to remember, hey I should super-blonde so I look like a "charisma bad-guy")turn off Jovic you get Joseph(cynical,serious, strange). If it were just this easy to switch back and forth. Staying home too long causes one to lose coordination.

The world I grew up in is gone and dead.

Before I forget:

Me at the movies:
Kill Bill is incredibly stupid, same goes for all those 1against 1million kung fu oscar contenders. If I was one of those foot soldiers and I saw that my enemy could fly, I would give up immediately. What is with all those "robots want to take over the world" movies? What would the robots gain after they take over the world (Cashearn looks nice though)? Clooney and that black guy made Ocean's 12 suck.

My fight with TV:
Reality TV has been explained to me by the Simpsons: Producers don't have to pay actors or writers, making for cheap TV. I hate all these extreme (word I hate) challenges by the way. Iron chef is not reality TV, it is a contest of skill and wits! Did anybody watch the Asakusabashi show on Jet TV, circa 1997-1998, I believe thats where I first saw these guys, along with Tomitoku Shu, the guy supposed to be in that loser Kenichii's place What is with all these makeover (add this to the words I hate, include also "pasaway") shows? They are definitely not self-help, nobody has this much time for maintenance except the high maintenance(Queer eye seems ok, I'm not that pissed at the show except for I hate the blonde, he is definitely the faggiest) . The FHM girls next door are stupid. In a TV interview: Girl: "I think I cute", but, she not really, she dumb try to hard. Recommended viewing: more NHK international and lifestyle network I wish I had domestic US broadcast).

FHM has nothing manly,lumberjack manly, or geek manly. I believe it classifies as girly manly. It's like comparing James bond(FHM), to Jason Bourne(Maxim, manly and cool), to the guys in Ronin(Esquire,hard you do know that the covers are just bait, it's for 40 year olds who also read The Newyorker).Whrere can I get a Newyorker comics special? A series of unfortunate events is a good read, for the record my cousins read these books to my niece, smart choice. When will I see the movie? harry potter books would be good if I was 12. And, where the hell can I find Lord of the rings books that are not the movie related version, Where was Tom Bombadil (or, Tuma, Uruk hai are also known as Oloh hai)? Why is it a woman narrating the movie? We heard of this first whilst playing the Middle Earth card game since 1997, so no one take more credit about hearing this first unless you heard of it first, I am still the first to declare! FIRST!!!*Shaking fist*

Are geeks still persecuted? I have No idea what social classification I belong to so I choose this. Better than being a poser, or rockstar wannabe. What is with the tsunami aid? I hear about this everywhere. Those people in indonesia should not be helped, I remember that they were killing anyone who was not a sand-nigger wannabe just a year ago. Why dont people use the Putik Vocabulary yet?Ambangis, siga, total, makuleeet!

Radio makes me sad and vomity. Music as long as it's non-canadian, seriously whats there to be mad and angsty about in canada? And why do all their musicians names start with A, like, Alanis, Avril, Asimple plan, Abarenaked ladies, Asum41?
Give me the greatest band of my generation, The Pumpkins, give me more of that geek rock, give me some good emo!

Aaagh*breathing heavily*Got it off my head.



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