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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


One can not balance a proper calm life and school at the same time. One of these elements has got to be sacrificed. In my case the former takes a break. Why can't it be the latter?

The past week and days have been hell. I've been getting angrier and angrier with each day that passes. I need to get professional help.

...All I can say, I should have said ...Can't we take a ride? Get out of this place while we still have time...

Isn't The dark of the night great for talking? In the dark all that is hidden can come out. In the dark the world seems smaller. It's just you and the people you're with. At daytime thoughts and fears can't be shared so easily.

Getting older is a bitch. Why do the young believe that their lives would be better if they were older, if people saw them as being more mature? It's great to figure out youth while one is still young.

If other people see I/you ( I am talking to everyone else that feels the same way) as immature, fuck them. What do they know. What should I/you care. I bet they wish that they were as young and free as I/you. Now that they're old they're not as free from society's "rules".

...I wish I knew what I do now, when I was younger...

I feel so drained and disconnected to everything around me when I get out of the hovel door.

I've tried so hard to put my life together. Gathered every little piece. Now to figure out how everything gets put together. I stuck part A in slot B when it should have went in slot A.2, eh?

Ahhhh, my personal hells shared with others. I am at my best when I'm suffering.


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