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Friday, January 28, 2005

Cooking Metaphors

In the past week I was in a pickle, in a jam, in the soup, cooking in my own broth, stewing in my own juices, then, got out of the frying pan into the fire, fired, burned, and blackened to perfection (when im supposed to be lightly wamed to a delicious golden brown).

Due proces got me into boiling water (enough!) this past week. There is no such thing as justice.

This is how it happened:

So I sent a complaint about some ancient bitch vulture bull-dyke professor (just another title people give themselves to sound high and mighty. I learned nothing useful in her classes BTW) to the authorities (CHED, I should have realized that stuff like this does not work as smoothly in this fucking country). When they looked into it at school, some fucker at academic affairs decides to look at my record. Upon looking at my record they discover that I should have been reported to the police, aparently when I clocked some bastard I was no longer a minor and therefore my case was not to be handled by the school. student affairs had already given me a suspension before and I thought that was that. Now my record make me discredible to file any compalint (stupid fucking CHED) and my actions were grounds for expulsion. Great, just great.

My situation now is: Either put up with some bitch who won't allow me to take internship where I choose (hey, I thought all we had to do was choose where we want to work?). Drop my completely valid, justifiable, and righteous (huh?) complaint and martyr myself for the next 4 months. Or, take the coward's way out and quit(ah, to live and fight another day,but im through with fighting). So I quit.

I really wish I had brought a hammer to school on thursday morning. People should hear me do my narrative rant about this. Writing about it just seems lacking. It should be in all my full fury.

I know it's getting harder for some people to be/stay my friend right now, but just stick around, things will look up. I hope.Or crash and burn into a horrible wreck with you inside.

Anyway, what is with everyone giving me the "1 last semester" speech? Do people really see that much potential in me? I have heard this speech so many times, from so many people, and in so many versions (uh 5 actually, at last count) . Honestly, I have half-given up on myself. I had so much hope for the future, I'd be lucky now,I give up, well not really.

More anyway:
I don't want to sound sacreligious, but, if God has a plan for us why does'nt God just tell us so we don't waste so much time? I'm sure that Christ wasn't Christian, he wouldn't believe in his own hype. Christianity is a lifestyle not a religion.Or for this matter Buddha is not a god (or fat, damn Chinese, it is written that he is just a teacher).So therefore, I think, one can live by example in both ways. I'm still lost right now. Trying to find my way. So how does it work? does it go; body, mind, soul, or Mind, body, then, soul? Dalai Lama say: Do not lose hope for it is the only virtue we can not live without(or something like this , hey I just read this from the dustjacket of his book, more advice than what will ever come out of the Archbishop Dracula, hey, why do they wear those clothes, damn bloodsuckers). Ok there has been a misunderstanding. Many people have read the Da Vinci Code (it's fiction dammit!), now people associate Agnosticism with Aetheism, stupid fucks. I believe in a God, still haven't made peace though, will soon be, just trust me on this one. And it's not allah.

No really is that the Steve( we know and love, I thought that the rumours were true; Joe locks away Steve, tells everyone Steve went to college, Blue desparately tries to put clues together for the audience, but, since blue is the only "special" animal on the show, all the other animals seem to be able to talk, Joe is sure that nobody would ever see steve again, I think Blue can't talk cause Blue once guest starred in Dora the explorer, the episode where they went to Coccaine island, "bush,lake, coccaine island!"

So many commas, why am they not happen to me. Will go watch WOWOW shopping now, now, how do I get Udon de Sky, again?

Palanca award for blogging...hmmm?

Now if I was just able to see all this I should have save up. Wait I was in school in the past months, I couldn't have saved up. Oh well. I wish I could load the last save right now.

Jovic casts rebirth. Back to one HP. 0 gold. Experience in tact.


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