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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

By the way...

Where to begin?

Why does almost everybody remember me from when I was in high school? I've moved on people! It's called trancendence!

This time it's going to be different.

Starting out again is harder than I remembered.
Should I take the life planning seminar offered by some group for young adults?
Should I try taking up vocational sessions in carpentry?
Now how to make money, it really is a necessity.

So I already mentioned how rest feels like rest now. Does anybody remember that scene in Lord of the rings where Sam asks Frodo if he rembers the taste of strawberies. Getting out of school seems/might be like losing the One ring(but for how long I really haven't planned it out, anyway, I don't plan anything). Food tastes the way it should now and sleep re-invigorates. I read more, and thoughts are just starting to get clearer, more focused(an improvement, at least, still crazy though, natural high, natural high!). I can also feel the air that I breath( putrid and stale but feeling it, it goes in the lungs now, amazing!).

I don't get these people who have everything planned out and ready. People who go: " When I'm done with high school I'll go to college, I'll take this course in college, I'll finish and get a job, when I'm working that's when I'll get married, we'll have 2 kids(names already planne out, of course!), they'll go to this school, they will finish college, and get jobs, that's when I'll retire and move to the beach." And they think that they're planning realistically. And I'm the one who should face reality? I know the differnces betwen physicaly posible and real by the way(I think).

Anyway(the word for today), random thinking:

Is everything in TV the result of some stoned-of-their-ass bastard? Commercials with the word "Loaded"(put this word in words I hate category along with "diva", pare! let's get loaded!). Bird people. Flying people in acid trip inspired colors(pare blue, is so like water, and red is so like fire. Wow look at the lights im so LOADED!!!). Why are shows from who the hell knows when and were never big in the first place still being shown, Cartoon network i'm looking in you're direction. Flintstones and Top Cat are still good, I agree, but Police academy, The mask? DAMN!

The mayor is a fucking Idiot. Where is my everyday water? Or at least 4 times a week at least.

Has anybody been watching them crazy foreign films? Has anybody seen Casshern, Battle royale (ah the way school is supposed to be run!), or the original Taxi?

Oh yes anybody out there, when you see me ask me about "Deathpact: 25". It's this crazy idea I have that's just too crazy to write down.

Don't help tsunami victims, asia aid my ass, what have those tsunami victims done for us anyway they're just like the "masa".

Trying hard not to swear as much as I do.

Time to fight Shaider( the people who made this were on some strong shit!) in the time space warp.


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