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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Here's the pitch.

Are there no good movies out there? There are so many crappy comic based movies coming out that really suck, lack originality, and have really bad themes and stories. I haven't yet watched a movie (in a theater) once this year (Ah movies, the lifeblood of slackers! TV too, but there's nothing on anymore. Other people's realities suck. Maybe I'll go watch Batman, but thats it). Marvel movies really piss me off! Fantastic 4, Jessica Alba? is this all there is to this movie? Don't get me started on Elektra, for someone ith this kind of name shouldn't she be, like, shooting lightning and e-lectricity? Constantine? Norton would have been another good choice, sadly overlooked, again, cause he was short, I hear and they got the charachter's 'tude wrong.

Anyway, here's my pitch for a really great movie, comic based too! I hope some Hollywood big shot is reading.


What could be better? It's got everything, robots, manly men, cross-dressing, aliens, robot aliens EVERYTHING. Hell they could even hire me to do the script, direct and choose the actors (Brad Pitt as Magnus, of course, he already looks good in a skirt, as seen in Troy). Hell why stop at movies. The franchise could even bring back the comic. Come on? Cross dressing, robot fighting with bare hands (karateee chop!), what's not to like? It could be like Casshern only more original and non Japanese. This movie should have been done long ago.

I'm serious. Please steal this idea.


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