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Thursday, March 24, 2005


All people will ever see form me is the tip of the iceberg. And, I'd like to keep it this way.

Four days ago I've thrown myself into the world of employment. Once again exposing myself to people and the awkward instances and situations that follow being exposed to people. What have I gotten into now?

Most people really bug me. I've so far learned common courtesies, like, knowing when to keep my mouth shut to some people. You know how it is when you'd really want to say something about some people but then you don't know how they'd take it.

Anyway here are some new observations of people in the world:

Some people don't really need to work. They can get by on looks, talent, and so many opportunities that come to them. What was that they say about not having enough common sense to slack off?

Some people always need to celebrate. "Pare, high five?" Attention starved I guess.

Some people have this indescribable need to touch you. How can I break it to these people that I have this dislike of being touched and not expose myself (O.C.) any further?

Some people have no tact. I also may have this problem, but compared to them, I mouth off about them not myself.

Some people have this need to always be talked to. Why is it that when I just sit silently some people would try to start a stupid conversation with me, and there I am giving awkward replies. I may be guilty of this, but I for one don't always need to be talked to, I have to be explained some things to. There is a difference. Someone please be honest enough to tell me, I can take it.

Some people are just really shallow. I can't just discuss ideas with some people.

Some people are always into a relationship. Man, when will I ever talk to a smart lady without a boyfreind?

Some people change. When with others, put into situations, and over time.

" Some people may always see me laughing, but mind you it is a sad cynical laugh at the world."


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