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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Still lazy.

I've been wondering; Is the reason why we work only to make money? People could give a lot of reasons, "for a good life", "to attain something", but it all pretty much boils down to trying to get money. It's pretty clear to me now that I have nothing.

You see so many stupid people in the news eating spoiled excess vegetables, they say it's because they can't get jobs to make money. I say get the spoiled tomato find an empty can, put dirt in it plant the tomato, grow the plant, eat the fruit, stupid fucker!

Which brings me to the point I would like to make, do we really need money. NO.

We need less of these stupid fuckers!

Sometime ago I said: "The problem with population is not that there are too many people fucking it's that there are too many fucking people."

My solution to everything: Cannibalism. ( Anyway, If I was a cannibal I'd bet that the tastiest people would be athletes. Mmm... athletes! The leanest meat available!)

Was the whole purpose of going to school in order for us to get jobs, to make money?

How do people become who they are? Is that what they really want to be? Is that who they really are?I mean why do people ant to be doctors, it's a fucking lie if people say that they want to help people in need, it's always for a price. Especially in the case of lawyers/politicians, how the fuck and why the fuck do they want to become these people in the first place.

In Japan there is a lack in interest among people in doing the traditional arts and making traditional crafts. Why can't I be there! I was born in the wrong fucking place!

The master craftsman is a romantic figure long dead and gone. Please, lend me your powertools.


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