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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Mince pie.

Random thoughts of self loathing from me to you. For and about our modern times. Some new, some cliche.

It feels like one of those days again, the days that feel like the day after new years or the day before one's birthday.
I need two extra years to feel my age.
I feel tired of getting angry.
They don't teach common sense in school.
Why didn't the generations before me make life simpler for the coming generations?
If there is a conspiracy to life I want in.
Working on my pace, taking things slowly, getting things right the first time so I don't have to do things over, haste make waste.
Ever feel like it's one of those days when your luck is about to run out?
Extraordinary people lace their shoes only once.(huh?)
Ever have one of those days where everybody seems to look alike?
Why are there no opportunities without trade-offs?
Change stil scares me, maybe I'm too sentimental.
When is My break coming?
Whoever said you that you make your on luck lied.
I watch the movies beause i enjoy other people's realities.
There is a difference between what is "real" and what is "true".
Nothing I do is ever my fault anymore, it is all the world's fault to me.
Who came up with all these rules on how we're supposed to live.
I seem to forget where I began.
Change should have progress for it to be acepted.
Life is customizable.

Just this for now. Learn. Enjoy. Agree. Disagree. Believe. Despise. Do the electric boogaloo.



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Blogger AmourArmor said...

The problem with it being the world's fault (and I'm not going to argue that point) is the fact that you have no control over your situation, consistently subjected to Fate's whim, and you are therefore a victim.

But if you believe that things (some anyway) are in your control, then you have the chance/the belief to change. And that is power.

Power vs victim?


9:30 AM


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