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Monday, March 30, 2009

Trail Mix

Assorted, light, easy to digest and for the road.

You know the drill by now if youve been reading. Here's what I've come up with that fall in the things-that-are-up category.

I can not figure out why cats like fish. When in nature do cats (big cats and their relatives) eat fish/ hunt for fish?

I dislike the Discovery Channel. Not once have I discovered anything. Also has whoever is in charge of programming for their shows noticed that they could start, what I woud call, "Baldies Primetime"? See here almost every one of their "top-billed" shows has some f-ing baldy(dammit).

Most of today's movies are just terrible (holding this opinion maybe till after I see Slumdog Millionaire).

I went to see Watchmen( I know, I bought into the hype, again.). I don't know why since I didn't like the comic.
I still hate that Max Payne movie( since last year, I can't get over how everything in that movie as wrong ).

Now, when will these movie outfits go back to making original stories? None of these, based on the novel,graphic novel("Look at me i'm not a comic I'm a serious literary work! I gots nakednes-nes and gore!"),comic, videogame, anime(especialy) crap! Why has everything these days gotten the Wapanese treatment?

Im guessing here's how the thought process for making movies goes:"Got a movie, let's Wapanese it! Zed was right(where is you?). "Let's put katanas somewhere in the movie people will love it!"

Incidentaly the last good movie I watched in the past six months; The Warriors.

I've said this before, Archie comics fall into the alternative lifestyles or fantasy genre. Well-adjusted, wholesome, even happy teenagers? What a strange concept!

My solution for Middle east /Africa/ anywhere this may apply/peace. All the places that have their leaders democraticaly elected yet are contested should have their leaders dipose all those who did not vote for them. Cruel, yet the only solution I see.

Oh, go look for and watch: Important Things with Demetri Martin.



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