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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year.

Anyone who've been reading may have gotten used to reading my "year in review" posts. sorry but none this year.

This year is all about looking ahead. Or into. Whatever.


I think by now I have almost achieved the Spartan (insert joke here, if I had a better word I'd use it) lifestyle I've been aiming for. I have learned to do away with so many things. Realizing that so many of them didn't really matter in the first place. All these things that people think are of great value are just little distractions. I can do away with some more things, my life was not really any different with or without them.

Despite what people may say: You can still go on (being amused, haha) without TV or the internet. I am doing so much more with so little. I am learning more things too.

On doing away with things I have also learned to do away with some people.
I've said before, anyone who has ever fed me, I cant hate. I will not like you, I may not trust you, but, I do not hate you. Thank goodness that you've left and, thank goodness you've had the sense to stay away. Honestly, we don't need to know each other anymore. Anyway, you could always feed your egos by looking up how many other "freinds" you have in your social networks.

The people who've stuck with me, who've been there, who'll always be there, who've given me so much,who've never taken without thanks, are all I'll need (you know who you are!). To these people; I appologize for my shortcomings. And, thank you.

This recession has been good this part of the year. Funny, everyone stopped with (or ran out of) fireworks around 1:00 A.M., allowing me to get much needed/wanted rest.

But then, there are all these fucking bands, gotinhimmel! Fucking neckbeards em all! What the fuck! I mean they're nothing special everyone these days is in one/has one. They do all these B.S. covers. Use slang from the fucking 70's(who the fuck,besides bandies, still uses words like "man""trip"or "wild scene") They must have a beatnik ditionary or something. Also that hand sign that they use, you know the one, I get it already, you are so rock, I get it. And you thought Hip-hop was stupid and anoying.

Some people just dream fucking T.V. shows.

This year I'm freelancing. Employment loyalty is no fun. (I'll need a bike and bike lessons, haha!)More people I can do away with, I don't hate you. And thanks.

One man's junk is another man's treasure. Assuming the man knows what he's looking at.

I'm now intersted in knowing the ways of mechanics, maybe then I'd learn to drive, but seriously I don't need to drive, more things I could do away with.

I know now, and accept/ believe, that everything falls into place, but never when I want.

I accept that I'll only get "hate" or "pity" boinking. But then these are more things I can do away with.

So, I guess my secret's out: Yes, I did ____ _____, yes it was out of ____. Yes, ____ also.

I'll get me a Starscream someday. The last luxury I'll allow myself. Or could someone out there get me one, thanks.



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