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Friday, February 15, 2008


I had to get this out, before it reaches into me and settles.
(BTW, I had this thought before the whole awfulness below,previous post.It just so happened that the fire occured while I was typing this out.I mean no insult to injury. Well maybe just a little, NYEAH! I did mention to the lot of you that i am dead inside, right?)

*Ranting incoherently;*

When will some people figure out just because they finished college that it doesn't mean they're educated, more importantly, smart and intelligent? When will people ever figure out that education is not the same as intelligence? When will they learn that not everyone can go to school, for whatsoever(learning disabilities,financial disabilities,spite*cough*,etc.) reasons some individuals may have? When will people stop acting so superior just becase they have some fucking piece of probably fake parchment paper(Oh how I loathe "papers" of all kinds). When will they figure out the differences between, wise, smart, intelligent, well mannered, and educated? Will they ever figure out that some people stay in college not because they're smart enough, but because they can pay enough? No, really, even the dumbest fuck will not get rejected/dropped just as long as they pay their tuition on time. Fuck you! Till' you figure out the difference the between intelligent,wise, smart,well manered, and educated, fuck you! Numbers, papers, don't measure a persons worth and potential, fuck you! You fucks!

Anyway, there, got it out before it festers in my gullet.

PS.Vague relation to rant above;
Now go watch "Into the Wild"(the way he dies in the end is just fucking stupid).


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