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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Vision Quest

The vision quest is described as(to my understanding,from reading folklore, go Wiki it for a vaguer description ) a journey to find one's place in the world. A rite of passage(Passage into what?).A turning point in a person's life, where everything that person has to do is revealed and defined. The said person would go on a journey into the wilderness, there he would live in the wild and be isolated from any form of contact. He would then meditate, for as long as it would take for visions to come. Often enduring the harsh environment, hunger, sickness or even death.

Here I am. I just turned 26(Is it too late to take on a quest? Or, am I on one now?). The world has not revealed anything. My environment has been anything but hospitable. I need to define myself.It has to be said that I feel the strange feeling I get after New Year's(Coincidentaly my birthday fell on the first day of the new lunar year). I still have no clear definition of who I've become.

Another year ahead. I will endure.


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