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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

JoVictor Frankenstein.

Somethings I was thinking before going to bed. I can't really write what i'm trying to communicate now, but if asked face to face, I'll probably tell you.

When one creates a monster one must take fault at what the monster does.
The monster is never just refered to(except for in the book maybe) "The Monster(Creature)" or "That Monster", it was "Frankenstien's Monster".

I may have created some kind of monster(in a funny way people also name it after me). It has taken many of my thoughts,my ideas, ideals and reasoning (the ingrate). The monster is my fault. The people blame me, might as well. I made it. I take all the blame and responsibility. Someday, I will have to hunt and try to kill it.


Someone once said that;
"If one has skelletons in their closets might as well teach them how to dance."

I can make MINE dance. Can YOU? And, also, fuck you if you want to make YOUR fucking skelletons dance with me, your fucking skelletons can't keep up with the moves I'm dropping. And YOU should have kept it in your closet in the first place.

Apparently, what I have learned (I learned that I shouldn't let "worlds" "collide" or "drop names". I learned the long way by-the-way.) and taught about keeping "worlds" separate didnt take. Learn a thing or two about timing,dumbass!

How and why do some idiots try to find meaning out of every little thing? Some things are just done. They don't particularly have any meaning.
ie: It's just a song, they are not singing for you. Don't interpret, intelectualize it. Gah, idiots!


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