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Monday, January 12, 2009

Fable 2

There once was an old knight who had a squire. The old knight taught the squire everything he knew, knightly conduct, how to fight, and secrets of the battlefield. The old knight was getting on in years and knew that one day that his squire would also be a knight. Knowing this the old knight was happy for his squire when the squire attained knighthood. Days past and it came to the time when the former squire, now a knight, had to get a squire of his own. It happened that the knight taught his squire everything the old knight taught him. The old knight knowing all that had been going on was pleased at what his once squire had done. Soon the knight's squire had also become a knight.

One day, war broke out in the kingdom. All the knights were sent to the battlefield. The old knight confined in the castle heard that the squire he had once taught and the squire he took under him were sent out to battle.

After the battle was over. The old knight awaited the return of the knights. All the knights had returned to the castle all but his former squire the squire he had taught. The old knight had heard that the knight he taught, in the middle of battle, had run away.Run away cursing the ineptness of his squire. The knight had run away leaving his squire in the battle. But it so happened that the knight's squire had become a champion in the battlefield. The knight's squire had come back, the squire praised his skill in battle to what had been taught by the knight who took him in. The knight who ran away. The squire had recieved acclaim among his peer. The old knight hearing this was happy that his knowledge had not gone to waste,and was passed on, but was dissapointed at what his former squire had done.

Days passed. The knight who ran away returned to the castle. He returned upon hearing the squire he had trained had become a champion. The cowardly knight demanded that he too was to get praise, for it was he who taught the knight. Nobody cared for what the cowardly knight had to say. Not even the old knight. For everyone had heard, and few have witnessed that while the cowardly knight had been away, his squire had been fighting and winning battles.


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