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Monday, January 12, 2009


Say for instance you were knitting a sweater. At the same time you owned a cat. You are very good to the cat. You take care of the cat, and trust the cat. One time, you were busy knitting the sweater you show it to the cat, you show how the sweater is made from a single yarn, and when tugged the sweater comes unraveled. One day, you get tired of the cat, you decide to get a new pet, you decide to go look for birds, or something. You leave the cat alone and neglect it. Nearing completion of the sweater you leave the ends loose, untied and unfinished, also, you are getting tired of knitting and don't want to finish the sweater, putting it aside. You decide that you would go out and look for birds, you go out for a really long time. You forget that the cat is still in your house, and the sweater you've made is in its reach. Do you still expect to come home to finish the sweater you've been making?


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