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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Story time.

"There goes that Gerard again"

Muttered grandfather Vincent, rather irritated, as he was sitting with his grandson, Stephan, on a park bench.

After saying so, Stephan noticed that his grandfather pulled out a rather large piece of chocolate from his coat pocket. Vincent then broke the piece in two and offered some to his grandson. The old man then proceeded to gobble up his share. Stephan could not help but notice how his grandfather had a peculiar way to eat chocolate. The old man then asked Stephan;

"How does it taste?"
"It's very sweet, you eat it funny."

Stephan replied. The old man reacted to this simply by shrugging, and shaking his head.

Later that day, the two left for home. Young Stephan told the account of the day to his grandmother Beth.

The next day Stephan and his grandfather went for a walk in the park. it so happened that they saw Gerard again. Grandfather Vincent then garbled something Stephan could not discern. Then stephan asked;

"What was that you just said?"
"Oh nothing, its just that Mr. Gerard really gets on my nerves. Say, how about I buy you some chocolates?"

The pair went to the sweet shop and bought some chocolates. On their way home, Stephan noticed the peculiar way his grandfather ate chocolate, again.

Back home stephan retold the days events once again to his grandmother.

"...Oh, and we saw Mr Gerard again!"
Stephan told his grandmother.
"Then we went to the sweet shop, Granpa bought two large bags of chocolates for us!"
Asked, Grandmother beth.
"Two big bags. You should see how Granpa eats them, he has a funny look on his face. Uh, granma, Who is Mr. Gerard?"
Stephan asked.
"Oh your grandfather and Mr. Gerard used to be freinds, they're not anymore, that was a long time ago. Now, go outside to play for a while I have to talk to your grandfather."

Stephan went outside to play. Beth then glanced at Vincent who seemed bothered. They started to talk.

"Do you remember now?"
Beth asked. Vincent replied;
"No, still nothing. Ever since I've had this grudge with Gerard, No matter how much I have, I have forgotten the taste of chocolates."


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