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Saturday, October 16, 2010

You all know how I feel about the Discovery Channel.

I find that its only good for when you need to waste time. It's not my fault I watch it, it's part of my job.

More stupid things:

Man Woman Wild: To start things off the "Man" in the show is named Mike Hawke(say it repeatedly without pausing, get it?). So the premise of this show is to do everything (Idiot) Bear Grylls did and drag the wife along. Recipe for divorce!

Howe and Howe Tech: Another American Chopper(Which I also hate, like Pimp my Ride but with all the whining left in)type show. I just want them to build a H.I.S.S. Tank already. Just watch the last 10 minutes of the show or go to their website to se what they make.

I Almost Got Away With It: I want to see "White Collar" crimes. Not "Blue Collar" crimes. BTW I also hate that show White Collar(and Lie to Me they should make a crossover episode where Lie to Me confronts White collar).

Swamp Loggers: Ooooh! The title alone is so exciting. Must watch!

Shark Week: Really, what more is there to be excited about sharks?

Why is everything on this channel narrated by Mike Rowe? Oh well.

Unrelated thought:
I also hate Discovery's sister channel,TLC. Its all about family exploitation.
Also why are there so many damn Fox network channels, its not like they have so many shows?