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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Anyways, my two cents on the news.

Thanks a lot Israel now I can't wear those shirts in public without being thought of as a facist(it's also just like wearing an Osama bin Laden shirt). I used to think it was cool. Then I realized Israel is just as big a jerk as the countries they "defend" against.
Anyways, I learned that there are Jews in Iran and according to them the people in Israel are not Jews but Zionists, someone please clarify this for me.

Also what's with Japan always touting "Green" and "Eco"? Hypocrites. They still hunt whales, they overfish tuna, they buy poached ivory and tiger products, drove a species of bamboo to extinction, dump industrial waste In Siberia(Toyota, they also dump stuff here).

I remember when BP used to tout they were "Beyond Petroleum"

I'm so sick of hearing China's lies.

Ok thats it later.


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