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Friday, December 16, 2005

Pardon me

Lately, I've been letting what people say, about themselves and their "succeses" get to me. Pardon me, but, what should I care?

I am finally sure of my feelings.

I'm just bitter. And NO, Im not appologetic or saddened.

If you read my "about me" from THAT other site, yes those would be the exact words on my grave. The world, no matter how hard I try, wont give me a chance (unless I had the right papers, of course).

Anyways here's what triggered this entry. I read my horoscope heres what it said(NO, I dont believe in it, I use horoscopes for insight that I might have missed as I go through the motions of another day).

Knowing you, you're looking to the future in advance of everyone else, weighing your choices and reevaluating your plans. It's definitely big-picture stuff, but it's exactly the kind of thing you're best at. Right now, though, your view is curiously limited -- it could be your emotions are getting in the way, or the daily routine has you worn down. Activate your imagination -- there's a choice here you're not seeing, and it may be the right one.

Emotions indeed.

Also other goings on:
I should write a line of analects(maybe in my next blog, maybe).
The beehive by my window got bigger.
If you eat one pound of vegetables it's still one pound.
Sometimes I am akin to the man who buried his talents.
Maybe I should really write down my thoughts before blogging. Writing down spontaneous thoughts/ideas are hard. And they don't come out the way I thought them.
Somebody get me one of these for the holidays. my lost childhood.


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