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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Cracker Lasagna

So you're stuck with leftover pasta sauce, out of pasta, or are too tired to cook heres a good one to try. It's just like the "instant"(why they call it this is beyond me it takes 45 minutes in an oven and usually never comes out right)lasagna only lazier and more economical! Here's what you need: Crackers(preferably in onion & chive flavor. Low gluten/high fiber crackers also work well). Pasta sauce, tomato based, your choice. Beschamel sauce / roux. Any melty cheese. To assemble, heat the sauces first then assemble just like regular lasagna. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Then put it in a toaster oven let it "bake" for five minutes,rest for another five minutes then bake again let rest so it sets and thats it, done in a third of the time it takes "instant".



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Blogger Tom said...

oh for the love of God...

I cant make up my mind what I find more upsetting, the fact that someone has devised this recipe at all, or the fact that straight after reading this I did a mental stock check of food in my kitchen to see if I had any crackers to let me try it out for myself...

Dare I then ask the question, whatever next?

8:42 AM

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